Saturday, January 08, 2011

This & That...

I saw this in the paper yesterday and I thought I'd share it with you. It's about fear...

We all have some kind of fear...

Fear of heartbreak
Fear of disappointment
Fear of pain
Fear of the unknown
Fear of loss
Fear of failure
Fear of rejection

What is...Fear?

“I am Fear. I am the menace that lurks in the paths of life, never visible to the eye but sharply felt in the heart. I am the father of despair, the brother of procrastination, the enemy of progress, the tool of tyranny. Born of ignorance and nursed on misguided thought, I have darkened more hopes, stifled more ambitions, shattered more ideals and prevented more accomplishments than history could record.

“Like the changing chameleon, I assume many disguises. I masquerade as caution. I am sometimes known as doubt or worry. But whatever I’m called, I am still fear, the obstacle of achievement.

“I know no master but one; its name is Understanding. I have no power but what the human mind gives me, and I vanish completely when the light of Understanding reveals the facts as they really are, for I am really nothing.”

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