Friday, June 30, 2006

Pre-Holiday Party

TN Chick left this comment on the Party post:

"I stopped the "partying" when I had kids. Perhaps when they are older I might get to enjoy another good party."

Ah...Chick, you can still party.

A party can be anything at anytime with good food. It can be just family, or friends, or just the love of your life, or just the kids.

Having a party is not always about drinking, a party to me, is the coming together of great friends, or family, or whatever you want to make it.

Of course, I will never turn down a few free beers at a party or if I'm hosting the party, my cooler will never be empty...

But a party of any size, shape, or form, is a celebration of life, and the love for great food.

Of course...a few cold beers never hurts. (GGG)

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


B.D. why are you not posting?

I have been busy, and as I have said before, I wish I could post everyday. But some days time just doesn't allow me the luxury of being able to do so.

Are you going to party this weekend for the 4th?

We are. I have some shoulders in the fridge for a Saturday cook of pulled pork, and who knows what else I may do.

Whatever happens it will be a great "4th of July" pre-holiday party at the pool with all the family. I did invite "BD's girls" to come over, but one doesn't want to run around the pool half naked tantalizing me by bending over the cooler to retrieve another cold one as I sweat over a hot smoker cooking my little heart out enjoying the view.

That's ok...

I'll still have a great view.
Oh yeah babe...


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Report (part II)

The survey results for favorite seafood are:

Shrimp 60%
Fish 20%
Lobster 20%

New survey is up.

Enjoy your day!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Weekend Report

What's up today B.D. ?

I had to work today, so this is why the Weekend Report is late.

I did some grilled Beef Tenderloin tonight, since Julie said the "Chuck Roast" was good, "but it's not a steak!" So...she got a steak tonight, with a baked potato & grilled shrimp.

Tomorrow, I have got to cut the grass and do a few odds & ends on the "to do list."

After that...who knows.

I may do some ribs again on the smoker with smoked baked beans, or I may do some beer butt chickens on the Char-Broil with pinto beans, it just depends on what I feel like doing.

But whatever I will be me.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chuck Roast...The Movie

Kaliblue left this comment on the Mid-Week Report:

Hubs & I have attempted the Roast on the grill. Problem with it was what you wrote, a bit chewy. If you get the technique down please pass it along. :-)

As I said below, I may pull it off next time at 140 or even 135 temp. and wrap it in foil. It was chewy because of the 155 temp. on the outside edge, this is close to being well done.

I did the roast on my Holland over direct heat as the grill temp. reached 350. I may do it on the Char-Broil next time and cook it on indirect heat at 275 to 300.

Lower temp. for a longer cook, kind of like brisket and see what happens.

The mix was right on the money, I just have to work on the procedure. This is where R & D comes in, (Research & Development)

As many of my readers already know, Julie will only let me experiment on her every so often, so I must pick and choose carefully what I do for R & D.

I may have to do some "sweet talking" to get this worked into the rotation again. She said it was good... but it's not a steak!

(Ok honey, hint taken)

But I will let you know about it and be glad to pass it along...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mid - Week Report

I did an experiment tonight, I did a Chuck Roast (2 & 1/4 lbs.) on the grill.

Now what I did was put my spice rub on it with some Lea & Perrins and 2 Tbs. of Chili sauce.

Marinated it for an hour, grilled with Pecan chips at 350 for 45 mins.

Temps. of the meat hit 145 & 155, I let it rest for 10 mins. before slicing.

Now this cost Julie a lot of points on Weight Watchers, but she ate it without any bias to humor me, it turned out very good for a first time run. Good flavor and moist and just a tad chewy in spots (because of the 155 I'm guessing)

Next time (if there is a next time) I will pull it off at 140, so that should make it 140 & 150 and maybe wrap it in foil before letting it rest for 10 mins.

The Spice rub, Worcestershire and Chili sauce was right on the mark.

Now if I could only save money on my car insurance...(G)


Monday, June 19, 2006

The rain cometh...

I watched the radar most of the day yesterday, and I knew it would get to us eventually... and it did.

About thirty minutes before I finished grilling the chicken. Yep...I about got washed out of my shorts.

Now me and Julie had a talk about this...

"Well honey, I guess I'll do the chicken in the oven."

(Groan...) Julie,"I would rather have them grilled."

"Well so would I, but it's going to rain just any time." (says me)

"Not if you hurry and start now." (says she)

Now you must understand...I am fair game to the weather, my grills are not covered by any roof or overhang. And sure enough, with thirty minutes to go...

The bottom fell out, (lucky me)...Now that was a site to see, me standing in the pouring rain with an umbrella... grilling chicken for my wife.

People going down the road saying, "Who is this nut?"

That nut... my friends...would be me.


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Weekend Report

The family came over last night for grilled burgers & smoked baked beans. Mom made potato salad and of course there was birthday cake.

You see... Friday was Deborah's "Lordy, Lordy, guess who's 40!" birthday, "You go girl" and today is the very first Father's Day for Dave, "You go boy."

It's great to have the whole family together for some laughs, some fine eatin' and plenty of cold beer to go around for everybody. So...

What's up for today? Don't know, looks like we may have some rain headed this way. I may just R&R today.

I have added the blog "Absence of the Mind and Body" from the blue eyed redhead Kaliblue to the links on the right. Since this is a long title it will be listed Absence, Mind & Body

Check her out.

Enjoy your day & Happy Father's Day!


Friday, June 16, 2006

Dude...What's with the disclaimer?

B.D. What's up with the disclaimer?

It's just a joke.

Read it really fast like the commercials that you hear on TV or the Radio. Like the guy talking 90 miles an hour and you don't understand a word he said.

If you want to use that quote, go ahead feel free.

I may have some Tee Shirts made up with Macdaddy's Grill on the front and Life is good...Beer is better...on the back. If you would like to have one, leave me a comment on this post.

I have to work this weekend so the Weekend Report may not be posted till Sunday.

And "Happy birthday" to my sister-in-law Deb.

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

And the survey said...

So far here are the results of the survey.

50% for the Shrimp (oh...I love you guys)
25% for Fish (another good choice)
25% for Lobsters (how can you not like this?)

Keep those votes coming in.

I did some thick cut pork chops on the grill tonight.
Did I do pictures?

Long answer.
Nope... sorry.

It was like sex... It only lasted a few minutes... But that was good enough. Sides are yellow corn & fried okra.

Time to eat...

Life is good...
Beer is better...


(This slogan is the property of Macdaddy's Grill, any use of this slogan must be approved by the owner of this web site.

Any unauthorized use of this slogan will get your butt sued faster than you can fart, hiccup, or say please. My lawyer will take everything you have, your home, your kids, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife, your cars, your dog, your gold fish, your cat, your bird, and your dry don't push it.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mid - Week Report


Now that you have salivated over the pictures of the ribs for a couple of days, what's next B.D.?

"Oh you know...the same old, same old."

Kaliblue left a comment on the Weekend Report.

I am sorry I have not said anything about this, "thanks for coming by and checking me out and leaving the comment," I will add your site to my links by this weekend. Check out Good blog, welcome to the family at the "Grill."

I will close with the official slogan of Macdaddy's Grill.
(All rights reserved, copy written 1846 to 3035, so if you use this slogan, then write me a check.)

Life is good...
Beer is better...


Monday, June 12, 2006

Pictures of my rib cook

Posted below are pictures of the ribs I did Sunday. To see all of the pictures just click on the June 2006 Archives, this will bring the whole page into view and you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. The ribs turned out great, but I sure did sweat my butt off outside, was it ever hot. Time for a cold one...



3 racks of baby back

Removing the membrane

Cut in half


Rub mix


Rub mix

Ready to go

Spray mix

Sauce mix

Sunday, June 11, 2006


My Smoker

Ribs & beans in

Pecan smoke

Perfect temp.


Spraying cider & cider vinegar

Wrapped in foil

After a hour in foil

Applying the sauce


Mrs B.D.

Corn cakes

Hot off the smoker


Good smoke ring


Plate served

Good smoke ring

Looks great

Almost done

'nuff said

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekend Report

I have added a new link to my side bar.
The Hampton Smoker. Check it out.

TN Chick has some pictures posted and I told her she was hot, but sorry that her hubby was ugly (G) before you send me a nasty e-mail, I was just kidding Chick, you have a great looking family.

Well I've got work to do before it gets hot.

Enjoy your day!!!


Friday, June 09, 2006

And Then There Was Friday...

The weekend cometh...

And not too soon, I might add.

I should say "hi" to all of my readers and to my girls, whom I love dearly. Thanks for checking me out at the "Grill" everyday, I do appreciate it.

If I could post every day I would...but I do "thank you" for stopping by to see if I have.

The new survey is up, sorry it took awhile to change it.

The results from the other was everybody loves BBQ and they want to come to my house and eat. That's cool...just follow the smell of Pecan smoke, you'll find me.

I'll see you on the Weekend Report.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sweet Treat...

I have something for you fire breathers out there...

Doritos has a Fiery Habanero Tortilla chip that is awesome. I got to try these in Memphis and they immediately went on my to find list back home. Not every store carries these hot treats, but if you can find them buy a bag. If you like hot...these are the chips for you. They go great with everything.

I did some burgers yesterday and some leg quarters tonight, and both were yummy.

I may do some ribs this weekend as I have not done these in awhile and I am ready for some lip smacking, finger licking, smack your mama ribs. If you smell something good in the air this weekend...that will be me perfecting my art of outdoor cooking.

Are you invited?

Sure...just follow the smell of Pecan smoke and you'll find my house.

But bring your own beer...I haven't won the lottery yet. (GGG)


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Report (part II)

The dance recital last night was fun and loud, I do believe some folks think most people are deaf.

"Hey? What's that? Speak up sonny."
It was fun, some good and some still learning, but they all tried to do their best.

I did manage to get the grass cut yesterday and I have the grills clean, ready and waiting. I'll grill my lovelies favorite with fried yellow squash and fresh snap pole beans.

Sweetie is fine, although she did stink, so we had to give her a bath. Have you ever known a lab that doesn't like to get wet?

We own one, if she's going to get a bath, so are you...

When it rains and she has to do her business, if she has to get wet, so do you...

I swear sometimes I think she is part cat... lick, lick, lick, lick, just like a cat and hates to get wet, just like a cat. Or she was raised around cats as a puppy and doesn't know any better.

But anyway, my big black bear is fine.

Well... I've got to make a beer run.

Have a great day!!!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Report

It will be a busy day today, I have to pick up Sweetie from the vet, cut grass (if it dries out enough from yesterday's rain), clean the grills, and go watch Robyn's dance recital tonight.

Someone asked me, if I won the lottery could they come over and drink beer all day with me? And so it begins...

First you feed them, and they want to know all your cooking secrets. Then they want to suck up and drink all your beer that you bought with your hard earned lotto money.

They'll say "you need a swimming pool, with a wet bar." so we can hang out.

So they can drink more of your beer and maybe run around your pool half naked in drunken delirium playing up to your manhood as they provocatively bend over the ice chest to retrieve another cold one...

(wait a minute...drink beer, half naked girls...pool...hhhmmm)

ah... "Sure darlin' if I win the lotto, you'll be at the top of my call list."


Have a great day!!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

You did what with a beer can?

I did some beer butt chicken Thursday, instead of using the Mojo I used the Newman's Olive Oil & Vinegar as the marinade this time and a dusting of Emeril's Chicken Rub.

Pat myself on the back for another experiment well done. It turned out great.

I cooked them for 1&1/2 hours on the grill at 320* and hit the temperatures just right, breast 170 & thighs 180. I let them rest for 15 mins. and then pulled & cleaned from the bone.

Smack your mama...
They were good.

We had to take Sweetie to the Vet for some tests and she has to spend the night. I miss my "Black Bear..."

I hope everything will be fine. If anything happened to her, I would be lost, I love my dog.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
I will see you tomorrow on the Weekend Report.