Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Report...

We have finally gotten some much need rain around the house. Now... everybody else has been getting plenty of rain... except us.

I know that's why the guy sold this farm to the builders, because it never rained enough around here to grow grass to feed the cows! It's like there's a big umbrella above us deflecting the storms and rains to surrounding counties. could be because the great "Buddha of grilling" keeps the rain away so he can smell what's cooking in my backyard. I think he watches to see what I buy when I stop at the store, "Yep, chicken and beer, B.D.'s grilling tonight."

Then he gives the command, "No rain tonight boys!" never know about these things...could very well be happening since I have been grilling a lot here lately.

But anyway...

That's what I'll be doing tonight as well...grilling steaks for the in-laws, about ten steaks. Should I use the Holland or the Weber? Maybe I should check the radar this afternoon, maybe I should......

What do you think "O" Great Buddha of grilling, gas or charcoal ?

No's just starting to dawn on me...ever since I have been cooking on the Weber, it has not rained, except once, I slipped that one in there at the last minute. I caught the big guy off guard, and it only rained 10 mins.

"Whoa, shut 'er down boys, quick!"

Now, on the other on the Holland, I have gotten washed out of my shorts a few times, so...I think I'll go with the charcoal Weber.

..."No rain tonight boys!"...

Enjoy your day!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Simply Thursday...

I love this grill... I have cooked many things since buying the Weber.

It has been a blast experimenting on this bad boy.

I did some leg quarters last night...

The smoke... I have had to adjust too, because the Holland and the Char-Broil are different. This being... I use Pecan chips on them, as compared to using chunk on the Great Outdoors and the Weber.

You can smoke things to much... and cover up all the other flavors of your seasonings if you're not careful.

I have had only two bad runs on the Weber...I learn from my mistakes.

But...all in all...not bad for a white boy...


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

Well...not so wordless. These pictures are from Kaliblue, (Blue to me) of... Absence of Mind and Body.
These are great...

Is... that not cool or what?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This & That...

I continue to have fun with the Weber...
I love this grill...

I am still experimenting and having a blast doing so. Everything has turned out great so far, except for the pork chops...but I know what I did next time they will be perfect.

Now... as everyone knows, Julie will only let me experiment on her every so often.

But everything has been 3 strokes under par so far...lucky me...


Monday, June 25, 2007

Web Page...

Carey has his web site up and running. It is still a process in the works, so more things should be added as it matures and comes to life.

Looks good so is the link and I also have the link on the right side of the page.

Peg Leg Porker


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Report...

I had to work today, so sorry the report is late.

My good friend and team mate Pat Martin has had some great press and reviews in the Tennessean here lately.

Pat is a master, when it comes to barbecue. He learned "Q" old school all the way by cooking whole hog on an open pit. Now... Pat has passion and I know why.

I too have learned that passion of "Q" being with Carey and the team. Barbecue gets in your's hard to turn your back on "Q"... But why would you want to?

Yes, it takes hours and hours to cook barbecue, it will wear your butt out tending fire, dusting, mopping, checking and watching temperatures, wrapping, prepping...the list goes on and on.

It's a love, it's a passion, that's what Pat and myself have...

When I started to learn about barbecue...real barbecue....I was hooked, you couldn't run me off a cook. Pat took that one step further. He opened his heart and he opened his place.

Everybody calls Pat, Big Hoss, ( I call him a few other choice names, but I can get away with it)

He took that chance, he went in hock up to his eyeballs, but the man did it...

Here are the two articles on Pat in the Tennessean.

Jim Myers favorite places to eat

Pat Martin BBQ

Pat's a good man with a big heart...

Good job Pat...

I'm glad you made it brother and I'm glad to be a friend...


Monday, June 18, 2007

Yet another week of fun...

I talked to Pat this weekend and he wanted me to help him out next weekend for the " Taste of Music City." I would love too... but I have to work and Julie will be out of town.

So maybe next time I'll be free...but...we will be at his place for a team meeting in July, so we're looking forward to eating some of that great "Q" we've heard a lot about.

I'm starting to really like the Weber Kettle Grill. (I had one years & years ago) the Holland is starting to get jealous because I'm not paying much attention to it here lately.

I cooked a rack of ribs on the Weber and I have cooked some steaks and shrimp and chicken thighs and of course the hot wings...

The next test will come this butt chickens on the Weber.

And yes...I did take pictures and I will too of the beer butt.

When I had a Weber, years ago, I was not the accomplished cook (I am today.)

I'm re-learning the whole charcoal cooking process because today, I have far more knowledge of grilling time, temperature, a better understanding of heat and since being a member of a barbecue team, manning the firebox and pit, charcoal is the right way to go.

I will still use the Holland and the Char-broil, but right now...

I'm having a blast playing with the Weber...


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Report...

Happy Father's Day!

Not much going on here.

Just hot...and we haven't had any rain to speak of in ages. Everything is so dry right now and a lot of plants and trees still haven't recovered from that freak hard freeze we had awhile back as it went form 80 to 20 in about two days.

Now, we have no rain. Everything is so dry, which puts even more stress on the trees and plants. Time to start watering everything else besides just watering the Tomato plants.

On another note...
We were at the in-laws yesterday for Debra's B-day. I drank a few beers and by the end of the day, let's just say I wasn't feeling any pain.

How do you feel today B.D.?

Just lovely...

I still don't feel any pain...yet...

Enjoy your day!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Simply Thursday...

My brother-in-law Dave has a blog on Blogger called,
A Motley Collection of Thoughts

Click on the link above. I also have his link posted on the right side of the page called, A Motley Collection.

So check Dave out and tell him B.D. sent you.

Enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday...

Here is the design for the tee shirts from Robbie.
Is that killer or what?


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Robbie, (Master Graphics) sent me the prototype of the shirts yesterday. They are going to be killer. Just a tweak or two and perfection is born. Robbie's the man when it comes to things like that.

He'll get my business for many years to come, I'm glad he's a member of our team. And no...I'm not sucking up. "I calls I sees them."


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Weekend Report...

Yeah...I know, I said I would do the Weekend Report on Sunday. But I'll do it tonight.

I have failed to mention during any of my post this week that Julie & Robyn are in Florida with my mother-in-law & all the other girls.

So...It has been just me and Sweetie this week. (but we do miss them)

Also...I learned that my girls (the original B.D.'s girls) Vicky & Tracy had to cut their vacation short because their dad had some health problems.

All of us here at the Grill, hope everything works out and that dad will be OK.

I love my girls, they are my sweethearts. They are my most faithful readers.

So girls...I hope everything will be fine. If you need us...just call...we will be there for you in a heart beat.

But I shouldn't have to tell you that...

My girls know my heart...they know me...

That's why they love me...
That's why I love them...


Friday, June 08, 2007

Pre-Weekend Report...

This was done on the new Weber...
Am I good or what...

I've got to work tomorrow, so the Weekend Report will be done on Sunday.

Enjoy your day!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Beer it's whats for dinner...

This is the list of Consumer Reports "Best of the light brews."

Rated very good:
1 Michelob Ultra Amber--bottle
2 Michelob Light--bottle
3 Michelob Ultra--bottle
4 Coors Light--can
5 Sam Adams Light--bottle
6 Budweiser Select--bottle
7 Busch Light--can--also rated best buy
8 Bud Light--can
9 Natural Light--can--also rated best buy
10 Keystone Light--can--also rated best buy
11 Miller Lite--can

Rated good:
12 Miller High Life Light--can
13 Milwaukee's Best Light--can
14 Yuengling Light--bottle (never heard of it)
15 Stroh's Light--can
16 Labatt Blue Light--bottle
17 Heineken Premium Light--bottle
18 Amstel Light--bottle
19 Corona Light--bottle

20 Beck's Premier Light--bottle

So there you go...
Are you surprised by where your favorite placed ?

Well I am, I"m particular to Bud Light and I thought they would place higher, but they made the top ten.

And this was a blind taste test, they never saw the brand, so there was no cheating.

I need to be that kind of judge...

I have drank probably every beer made, at one time or another. I couldn't have had every beer made or I would be older than Moses, but you know what I mean, I've tried a lot of different brews.

But to long as it's cold, I'll drink it...and if it's free...that's even better.

Enjoy your day!!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Report...

Well guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been Super busy.

I talked to Robbie, and he is going to make up some shirts for me with the Macdaddy's Grill Logo. He will send me a draft in a week or two and knowing him and how he does our team shirts, they should be awesome. So...if you want a shirt from Macdaddy's Grill, let me know.

What else is going on? I had to work today and I did some steaks on the Weber tonight. I have not done steaks on charcoal in forever. I did some shrimp and mushrooms too.

I am totally pumped about the Weber, it will win me first place in the Hot Wings contest next year.

I hope you have a great weekend and drink one for me...