Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend Report...

Working 12 hour shifts four days a week is rough on your mind and body.

I've had a tough year. Fell and re fractured a rib or two. I have had hip pains, knee pain, elbow pains, middle spine pain...and of course a pain in the butt.

And now in the heat of it all...I have to live at work yet once again.

I've got folks wanting to buy BBQ sauce by the gallon. Sorry can do.

I don't have the time...

I was invited to cook in a contest, had to turn that down too. No time...

I told management they needed to learn how to run that company. Sure, your customer comes first...but so should your employees and by that one little can make things work.

But I won't bore you with that. I would have to tell the whole story and I don't feel like bitchin' that much or typing that much right now.

In two weeks I'll be off for a week. Folks are asking already are you cooking for the 4th? I guess so they can make plans with me or around me or without me.

Just depends...if it is as hot as it's been for the past three weeks...

Houston...we may have a problem...


Friday, June 25, 2010

Simply Friday...

What a week...

It's hot, it's muggy, it just sucks.

As far as work goes, that will never change.

6 million people out of work and wanting a job and management will not hire anybody. These dimwits are trying to kill the 400 that work there by working two crews 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

Then...after a revolt by the working class, a deal was worked out (as if they had a choice) where we work 4-12 hour shifts, then are off for 3 days.


I ponder the question to myself...what will I do first?

I wonder...


Saturday, June 19, 2010

This & That...

Yes I's been awhile.

To get caught up, or friend Dink and his girl friend came to see us after three years of trying to get him over here. My girl Vicky also came over to see us.

Blondie had a B-day this past week. It's been hotter than a Texas bar-b-que pit around here and this is only June. What will July & August bring?

Temps are already in the upper 90's with little relief in sight.

I have been working 12 hour shifts for three weeks, getting nothing done around the house and my hours are being changed yet once again, starting next week.

A friend at work said:

You know you're working too many hours when your wife is making potato salad and asks for the Miracle Whip and you hand her the Cool Whip...

I'm with ya brother...

So today, the heat index will be in the feels like 105 range. So the plan was to hit the grass early before it got unbearable. Pop up thunder storms are forecast for later in the day. But that plan has been 86'd.


A stray pop up shower...right over the top of my frigging house. Just long enough to get it too wet to mow right now. So I'll twiddle my thumbs for a while and wait for Mr. Sunshine and then the humidty will be so can cut it with a knife.

And I will look like I've taken a ride in the washing machine...


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

One door away from heaven, we live each day and hour.

One door away from heaven, but it lies beyond our power.

To open the door to heaven, and enter when we choose.

One door away from heaven, and the key is ours to lose.

One door away from heaven, but oh, the entry dues.

Dean Koontz

Sunday, June 06, 2010

This & That...

The play list is back...

Someone said the Grill just wasn't the same without them, so crank it up!


Saturday, June 05, 2010

Weekend Report...

The days just seem to run together...

12 hour work day during the week and now they add Saturday as well. Great...

They are trying to kill us. Three shift production with two crews and no end in sight.

Just lovely...


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

I had a vision when I was young to change the world and make every
wrong , right.

I had a vision that I could be white and black and yellow and all shades
in between.

I had a vision that I could feed the hungry and put a smile
on every face.

I had a vision that I could heal every aching heart
and answer every person's prayer.

I had a vision when I was young to make every flower bloom
and every tree blossom.

I had a vision when I was young to rid the world of anger
depression and disease.

I had a vision to heal every mind and every soul and rid
the world of troubled minds and tired journeys.

Now that I am old I have only one vision, to take each day as it comes and
believe that change is still possible,

Sandy Corenblum