Saturday, January 29, 2011

This & That...

Well, Super Bowl weekend is just around the corner. Do you know what you're going to do? Are you cooking and watching it at home? Are you going out to friends or the local watering hole?

Don't know yet if you'll even watch it because your team didn't make it?

You can't miss the commercials...that's the best part. I've watched many a Super Bowl game that I didn't really care about the teams playing just to watch the new commercials.

I don't know yet what I'll do. (Work has gone into a death spiral and I may be out of a job soon, but that's another story sometime in the near future.)

Here's a recipe I pulled out of the 'old recipe box' from years ago that still works just as good today as it did in the days of yesteryear. At the time, this was a staple at any Super Bowl party.


Layered Nacho Dip

This recipe dates all the way back... to 1981 from Southern Living. I use to make this a lot, but some how the recipe got tucked away and forgotten about at some point in time...until now.

Time to dust off this bad boy, and share it with you. At that time... this was the Cadillac of dips. Now remember, this is from 1981, an original recipe. Being that this is 2011, you can doctor it anyway you want. But the original ain't bad at all.

1 (16 oz.) can refried beans
2 teaspoons Taco Seasoning mix
1 (6 oz.) container Avocado dip
1 (8 oz.) container Sour Cream
1 or 2 small can chopped black Olives-drained
1 can chopped green Chiles-drained
1 1/2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese
Tortilla chips

Stir together beans and seasoning mix. Spread mixture into a 11 x 7 baking dish. Spread avocado dip and sour cream evenly over bean mixture.

Sprinkle with olives and next 4 ingredients.

This recipe can be doubled or tripled. You can also warm up the beans a little, you can add cooked ground beef

Serve with chips.

Sausage Pinwheels

This is a recipe that my very own Mrs. B.D. makes and everybody loves these things.

1 lb bulk sausage (mild is better)
1 lg pkg cream cheese
1 tube of crescent rolls
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Set the cream cheese out at room temperature (it's easier to mix with the sausage). Brown the sausage and drain thoroughly (with paper towels).

Combine the cream cheese and the sausage in a mixing bowl. Mix together with your hands (it's much easier than using a spoon).

Separate the crescent rolls along the perforations onto a cookie sheet. Take each 'roll' and cut it diagonally to make 2 separate triangles.

Using a spoon, place some of the sausage and cream cheese mixture onto each triangle. Use as much or as little as you like. Maybe a 'dollop' size. Fold the edges of the triangle to the center so that it looks like a child's pinwheel. (I'm not too sure these actually look like pinwheels but I didn't come up with the recipe.)

Bake at 375 for the amount of time that the crescent roll pkg states. Usually 9-11 minutes.
One pkg of the 8 count crescent rolls makes 16 pinwheels.

The mixture would probably make up to 50 pinwheels, depending on how much you put on each triangle. These are great appetizers.

Hot Wings

makes 16 wings, prep 5 min, cook 50 min
2 lbs wings, separated at the joints, tips removed
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter
1 cup Frank’s Hot Sauce
1-2 tsp Tabasco sauce, to taste
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1.Cook wings.

Fry at 370°F for about 20 minutes or bake at 425°F to 450°F for 30-50 minutes. You can also broil wings.

2.While wings are cooking, melt butter in a small sauce pan.

3.Add Hot sauce, Tabasco and Worcestershire.

4.Whisk to combine well then add cooked wings and toss to coat. Serve with Blue Cheese Dressing.

While this may seem like a lot of work, you will notice the prep times for all of these add up to only about 20 minutes total of actual work. Also, feel free to use pre-cut wings or drummettes or whatever but if you cut the wings yourself, be sure to keep the wingtips in a bag in your freezer. They will be a great addition to stock later on.

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