Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simply Tuesday...

The beginning of the week started off very nice. The heat and humidity has killed us the last few weeks, but yesterday, the humidity was very low. I cut the yard and barely broke a sweat.

At other times with high humidity, I would look like I'd been riding the wash cycle of the washing machine and I felt like it too!

Today, I have to get the oil changed in my truck, do some things outside, clean the grills, get Big Momma ready to pull down to my mother-in-laws house for the 4th of July cook this weekend. Yes I'm cooking...imagine that.

Big Momma will come to life after many months of slumber.

Speaking of this...

For the first time in Nashville (at a Publix's) I have run into Kingsford Competition Blend Charcoal. I have never seen it here before. I have seen folks talking about it on the Web but now here it is. That seems odd that Stubb's (at Lowe's) and now KCBC (at Publix's)

How odd is that after me talking about the limited quality of charcoal around here...

I've used Kingsford
I've used Royal Oak
I've used Sam's Choice
I've used many a brand that I can't remember years back

I just thought it was odd that these two show up at almost the same time.

Anyway, I didn't buy any because I'm stocking up on the Stubb's. I really like this charcoal. There is no waste, very fine ash, good stuff. Again, a little pricey but so was the KCBC. And the KCBC was in a smaller bag.


I've got to hit the ground running and make things happen today.


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