Saturday, June 19, 2010

This & That...

Yes I's been awhile.

To get caught up, or friend Dink and his girl friend came to see us after three years of trying to get him over here. My girl Vicky also came over to see us.

Blondie had a B-day this past week. It's been hotter than a Texas bar-b-que pit around here and this is only June. What will July & August bring?

Temps are already in the upper 90's with little relief in sight.

I have been working 12 hour shifts for three weeks, getting nothing done around the house and my hours are being changed yet once again, starting next week.

A friend at work said:

You know you're working too many hours when your wife is making potato salad and asks for the Miracle Whip and you hand her the Cool Whip...

I'm with ya brother...

So today, the heat index will be in the feels like 105 range. So the plan was to hit the grass early before it got unbearable. Pop up thunder storms are forecast for later in the day. But that plan has been 86'd.


A stray pop up shower...right over the top of my frigging house. Just long enough to get it too wet to mow right now. So I'll twiddle my thumbs for a while and wait for Mr. Sunshine and then the humidty will be so can cut it with a knife.

And I will look like I've taken a ride in the washing machine...


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