Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Report...

Sorry I've been away...

My black bear, had to have her first toe on her right paw amputated. The test results showed (from the sample taken last week) it was cancer.

Our computers are upstairs so I've stayed downstairs to keep her from following me everywhere.

Just trying to keep her off that paw...unless she has to go outside to do her business. The back deck has a bunch of steps, so we're going out to the front yard.

And of course...she can smell the pit sitting in the driveway and heads for it every time out. She could tell I was cooking, but she didn't know she does.

You black bear is smart, when she sees me stick a towel in my back pocket, she knows I'm fixing to cook. I might make it out the back door once or twice before she cuts me off at the pass and does a sling shot maneuver around me to wedge herself between the door and myself. In other words...she's going out...with or without my blessings.

But when I cooked on the pit, I would go through the garage. She knew I was cooking, but didn't know she does.

On another note:

Robyn had a softball game early yesterday morning, then their school had Country Day. was full day had by all.

Cooked some thick cut pork chops on the Holland last night with baked potatoes and garden cut green beans.

Not bad for a white boy...


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