Saturday, October 03, 2009

This & That...

Finally a weekend with no rain, no ball game, and no bullshit to interfere with my plans for world domination... AAAAhahahahahahahaaa!

Seriously...I've got things to get done outside before Old Man Winter gets here.

I get ahead
I get behind
I get ahead
I get behind

It's a never ending cycle of playing catch up with Mother Nature. The nights are getting cooler faster that I thought they would, so grass cutting should come to an end in a week or two.

I've got to cut grass today and get that over with and move on to other things. A few shrubs still need trimming, some things need to be cut back, some loose ends here and there...just stuff that needs to be done.

I could pay somebody to do all this work and just sit on my duff and partake in cold libations. But no...

I'd rather take care of my stuff myself. Just like other things I'd rather do myself, I think it gets done better.

In some things, I'm a perfectionist
In some things, I'm a pessimist
In some things, I'm a hard headed butt wipe
In all things, I'm just me

I've got work to do...


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