Saturday, October 24, 2009

This & That...

You know...sometimes life just gets in the way.

Someone asked me how come I don't cook as much anymore? Mostly right now because of the rat race called life.

Cooking to me is a pleasure, a source of relaxation and harmony with myself. It slows me down (in a good way) makes me smell the flowers or the smoke, it makes me concentrate on one

But when life steps becomes a chore.

People depend on me to be the laid back cooking guru that they know and love.

But, the chain of events that have happened last year and this year has put too much noise in my head. I'm way behind on my 'To-Do List' this year because of this or that.

Aggravation from work, peoples demand on my time, the weather, life itself sometimes makes my simple pleasures that relax me...become a chore.

My neighbors son asked me, When are you going to fire up the pit again? It's about time to close it down for the winter.

My response: Depends on the weather and what's going on. I might try to fire her up this weekend. We'll see...

(Which means I doubt it.)

I do have some pecan wood split logs I need to use up, but do I have the time to waste a whole day tending the pit? I mean, I've got a lot of things to do...would this be a pleasure or a chore?

I'll bring over the beer.


Oh well, even Superman has his kryptonite...


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