Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Report...

Julie surprised me yesterday when I asked her what she wanted for dinner. Steak or chicken, either one.


But you have to read in between the lines. Meaning, it's not raining this weekend and you've got two days so you can grill steak one night and chicken the next night.

Women are always thinking ahead...

So that's what happened. Steaks on the Weber last night and chicken on the Weber tonight.

One of the guys at work gave me some real Polish sausage that he said comes from up North, so that will go on the grill as well. If I like it I'll get him to order me some for the smoker.

I took off Thursday & Friday of this coming week (Friday being my B-day) in hopes that I can get some things done outside before the first frost shows up.

Temperatures right now are all over the place with jet streams and moisture and this and that happening. I'm not to far behind on my list but I am behind more than I would like. So we'll play catch up and get it done before winter gets here.

That's why I burned my last two vacation days of this year to get work caught up.

Speaking of work...

It's time to go fire up the motorized billy goat and feed that bad boy one more time.


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WhiteTrashBBQ said...

I see the steak - but I have to say that's the weirdest looking bunch of chicken I ever saw.