Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend Report...

I may have spoken too soon about a rain free weekend...

Where the heck did this come from?

I like NOAA, they update their forecast every hour, but it was them that said this weekend would be sunny, windy, and cool. But the news last night said the weather will change with rain moving in on Sunday and I'm like...What?

Sure enough...get up this morning, pull up NOAA and there she is...Sister Rain. It's 20 percent today, 50 percent tonight. Now you may be saying 20 percent ain't diddly. Not true in these here neck of the woods. I've seen the bottom fall out at 20 percent and I've seen 50 percent rain hit a wall of dry air and vanish into thin air.

We may get a down pour or a just enough to mess everything up. Depends on which way it's heading (looks like West to East) and if it stays to the south or comes further north.

At least I got the grass cut yesterday...I'll try to get the hedge done today.

We'll see...

...Oh, before I forget, my girl Tracy made some banana nut bread and brought some slices for me to try and give my humble opinion on the outcome.

It was very good my dear, thank you. I haven't had banana nut bread in a long time.

Everybody knows I love chocolate of any kind, form or fashion, pecan pie, carrot cake and so on...nobody knew I liked banana nut bread.

Well hey...I can't tell all of my secrets you know. Where would the mystery and intrigue of this lowly ol' country boy be if everybody knew everything?

That's no fun...


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