Friday, November 27, 2009

Simply Friday...

We headed out from the Grill yesterday to spend the day with the family.

As always, Mom and Mish laid out a pretty good spread for all of us to chow down on.

And as always the food was great. Here are just a few pictures that were taken. I'll post some more later on down the road...

Big Daddy & lovely wife Julie

Uncle Dale & Robyn

Uncle Dale, Brother Tommy (behind dale), Dave (aka) Honey, Big Daddy, Brother Rob & Peggy Sue

Outside enjoying the fire

Barb (aka) Mom & Granny

Thanks to the family for the food because they have all been under the weather and feeling puny for awhile especially Mom & Mish. They could have said "sorry everybody fend for yourselves this year." But we have a saying...

Love me, love my germs. We'll see...

On a sad note:

It's my sad duty to say that one of our friends and my girl Vicky, lost her husband Steve O yesterday. Steve O, leaves behind a loving wife, children and many heartbroken family members and friends.

I don't know what else to say, so I'll just leave it there...


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