Saturday, November 28, 2009

This & That...

You know B.D. we just realized you don't have a beard anymore, how come?

Too much gray my friend...

Julie said it made me look old (older than I am) so I got rid of it, plus it was a hassle to fool with. I tried to keep it in line by not looking like Beards Gone Wild but it was a hassle.

If I kept it short it would itch like a hound dog with fleas.

So back to shaving...

I clean up pretty good for a white boy. I use to have hair (back in the day) that I would let grow long in the winter to keep my ears warm.

Then the best thing since sliced bread came out...ear muffs. Just in time too as my hairline receded into nonexistence.

Maybe that's why I grew the beard in the first place. To grow long enough so I could rap it up over my ears and head to stay warm in winter like some guys do comb overs to keep their heads warm.

Ya think?

Probably not...


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