Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday...

Well almost...

MacDaddy's Grill is fixing to go to the next level. Meaning, I'm fixing to change templates and change the look of this blog.

Now, everything you see, I have done on my own over the years. But I believe it's time to take her up...another notch.


I do not know what the template change will do...or what will go away off of this blog when I make the change. It may take me awhile to get her back up to speed.

So just bear with me, as I steer this ship into a new direction.

This blog has been my sweetheart for many years. And she has taken on a life of her own.

Times change...friendships are made...hearts are broken.

The star...will shine bright once again. She is my soul, my life and my love.

Cross your fingers and fasten your seat belt.

A new journey begins soon...


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