Monday, May 03, 2010

The Day After...

Well boys and girls, we got the rain. We got over 15 inches of rain in two days.

Half of Nashville Tennessee is under water.

Surrounding counties are under water. Roads are closed or washed out. Homes are flooded, businesses are flooded. Whole neighborhoods that have never been flooded in fifty years of people living there...are under water.

New homes, old homes, new cars, old cars, damn near everything...flooded.

It's a mess...

We're OK up here, just a few road closings, but it may be three or more days before we can get back to work. Interstates and roads nowhere near the river are flooded. Ditches turned into rivers, creeks turned into rivers, storm drains turned into rivers.

And now the rivers themselves have turned into an ocean of muddy water that is everywhere.

As you rained last weekend for two days, but that was spread out over a forty-eight hour period. This time it rained nonstop for forty-eight hours straight.

And the damage done here will make the damage from Katrina look like a hiccup.

Go to the right of this blog and click on the link Tennessean. Then click on the link PHOTOS:

You'll see what I mean...

God bless everyone in Tennessee.


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