Sunday, May 09, 2010

Weekend Report...

Well first off, Happy Mother's Day to all of you ladies out there that are moms.

And for those that are not moms, we still love you anyway.

What a week...

Flood waters have receded for the most part and the work begins. Some roads are still closed because of damage and some roads and bridges are completely gone. A lot of homes were flooded. Some even knocked clean off their foundations.

Clean up begins and people try to put their life back together.

Our house endured 18 inches of rain in 48 hours with no damage. Thank you Lord.

Many businesses were damaged as well...

We have lost power at work a few times. And in my trade of making glass, working with extreme heat and all of the sudden you lose not a good thing.

You can't cross your fingers or play grab ass.

Things have got to be done in order and pronto...or major damage will result to millions of dollars worth of equipment. Times like that, you don't have time to think, instinct kicks in from years on the job. can think afterwards.

So to say the least as to how life went last week?

Life is good...
Beer is better...

But I'm getting too old for this.


Happy Mother's Day!


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