Saturday, May 15, 2010

This & That...

Dang I do believe somebody is trying to drowned us hillbillies. Seems every weekend has been wet. Yesterday, it rained so hard we got 2 to 4 inches in 20 mins.

We also got hail too!

From penny size to golf ball size to baseball size to grapefruit size...that is no lie happened in Clarksville, that bad boy was huge. If that had of hit somebody it would of been like being hit by a small meteorite.

The news said it put a nice little hole in a car...ya think?


On the home front, all is calm as of right now except for Robyn being sick and Julie running a slight fever as well. Robyn has so many things going on, but I do believe she will be on the sidelines for a few days.

As for me...I'm still here.

I can still tell the rib is there. It's not sore, it's just sometimes aggravating. I really have to be careful about the way I twist and turn and lift.

Other words I can't act a fool...

...dang I never get to have any fun.


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