Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Report...

Well, my week of R & R is over, sadly to say, it's back to work next week. It's not as bad now since we are back on a normal shift again, but work still sucks. least I still have a job, unlike a lot of folks out there.

But having a job and enjoying a job are two different things entirely.

At my age now, I should have a job I enjoy going to everyday. As much stress as we have had to endure over the last several years, this is not that job I use to enjoy anymore.

It has always been said: Treat people the way you want to be treated.

How do I want to be treated? Provide the tools and materials that I need to preform the job, let me do the job, and leave me alone. Don't treat me like a four year old in a prison camp. Show me and my family some respect.

You're not God so quit acting like it...

We stayed with this company out of respect for what it stood for years ago. Sadly...that respect was never returned to us. Our willingness to help was stepped on. Our loyalty was cast aside like yesterdays trash. And now another chapter is about to unfold by years end.

The only answer we get is you'll do it and like it.

I'm getting too old for this Days Of Our Life drama...

Damn, that was a short week off.


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