Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekend Report...

Well...I believe Old Man Winter has finally won the 'tug of war' with Sister South Breeze.

Dang if it ain't got cold down here.

Stop whining B.D. it's December! It's supposed to be cold.

I know that Jethro...I just don't like and never will like cold weather. If I did, I'd move to the Arctic Circle and dance the "Happy Dance" of the Madman.

The what?

Never mind...

The South has always been famous for a lot of things. Our food, our hospitality, our humid Summers, our storms and tornadoes, our Fall colors and our loathing of cold weather and our liquor. I think that's why corn liquor was invented. That slow burn kept a body warm and toasty during the cold winter weather.

But, when corn liquor was made illegal, we rose to the challenge and invented Long Johns or Thermal Underwear, as they are called today.

And if you had Long Johns and corn didn't care if it stayed cold until next June.

Today, we have the modern marvels of Sub Zero coats and gloves and ear muffs and boots and socks and underwear.

It takes two hours to put this stuff on and you waddle like a Penguin, but you're nice and toasty and...MAW, I GOT TO GO POTTY!!!...warm.

"Happy Dance" of the Madman


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