Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekend Report...

It's over...almost...

What a whirlwind of a week. Let's see if I can remember everything.

Julie and myself, meeting with Vicky and Tracy Wednesday night for our annual Christmas foray at Darfons Restaurant & Lounge Good food, good friends, a good night out.

Seeing everybody Thursday night at Tusculum Lanes

Christmas Eve, my mother-in-law taking a misstep on some steps. Resulting in a hair line fracture in her foot. She still made it over to our house, with the rest of the family.

Snow Christmas Eve...

Not a heavy snow. Actually, it started out as sleet. Then changed to a light snow.

A White Christmas for much of Tennessee.

The roads were fine...

So, we all got together at the in-laws for Christmas Dinner. My mother-in-law usually does the honors but she had to sit most of this one out. So the sisters, Lynn, Julie, and Blondie stepped up and maned the kitchen.

The girls did a fine job and everybody was stuffed. But by then, the temperature had started to drop and the roads had begun to freeze over and it was time to head home...

Sunday, will be cold and windy all day. Today will be...just a lazy day.

Now, I'm sure I left things out, or missed a detail here or there, but all in all, it was a great White Christmas.

One thing I do want to tell you is although I've already thanked him on Facebook, I'll thank him here as well.

My good friend Robert of WhiteTrashBBQ sent me some cookbooks and other goodies for Christmas.

I like and respect Robert because he is a good old no holds barred tell it like it is writer, cook, father, and family man.

Now, you might ask can a grouchy old Southern Hillbilly from Tennessee and a Northern Yankee from Brooklyn be friends?

That's easy...

For one...our hearts are in the right place.
We have the same love and passion for great barbecue
We both tell it like it is. If you didn't like the answer you should have asked someone else. We'll tell you the truth.

We both learn from our cooking triumphs and learn from our mistakes.

And the most important reason for why we are friends. We show and have respect for one another.

That's what old school barbecue cooks do. That's what human beings do. That's what friends do...


Now you know why we are friends. Thanks Robert, it was and is, much appreciated.


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