Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Report...

Long day yesterday...

Fired 'Big Mama' up at 4:30 am and kept her working all day long.

4- Boston butts
1- 7 1/2 lb Brisket
30- Whole chicken wings
6- Sausages
1- Whole stick of Bologna

I did some things different this time. I brought her up to heat with Lump Charcoal, then switched to wood for the rest of the day. Never done that before..

I need to work on the brisket rub recipe, it was just a tad bit salty for my taste.

Butts and brisket cooked for 12 and half hours. Wings, sausage and bologna, 2 hours.

Pit temperature held a steady 250 degrees all day long which kind of surprised me because I thought it would jump around some using wood. She never spiked nor dropped off...

After pulling them off the pit and double wrapping in foil, I put the butts & brisket in a cooler (covered with 2 big thick towels) for some rest time.

This was my second brisket cook. Much better than the first one. Tender & juicy, just need to tweak that rub just a hair. But, I'm on the right track... to go clean the pit and have some 'cue for breakfast...

Yum yum...


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