Monday, January 19, 2009

This & That...

It's one more for the record books. The party's are over and life returns to semi- normal. Or is that just wishful thinking on my part...

Got a little surprise this morning.

Just a dusting of the "white stuff."

Sweetie said "Let me back in the house!"

After bowling last night, we as a group (meaning a number of friends) became adventurous and headed out to a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.

While many were stuffing their faces with margaritas, I was holding hands with my ever faithful

I'm not a switch hitter (most of the time, only on a very rare occasion) when it comes to the drinking of a libation. What I start with is usually what I finish with.

I learned this the hard way after many hangovers and headaches years ago. But anyway... back to the story.

I'm not much on Mexican food. Just kind of like everybody else, the occasional taco or burrito or soft taco. The Americanize version of Mexican food I guess you could say. Not the real stuff, but here we were, in a real Mexican hole in the wall.

Now most of the time I have a rule I go by...if I can't pronounce it...I ain't eatin' it. So I had Julie pick something.

I'm not really sure what it was (all I know is it was number 39 on the menu) but it had some righteous heat to it and I don't mean hot off the grill heat I mean some heat - heat. (Which I'm paying for today, thank you very much)

Back in the old days...the old timers would say "Go sit down in the creek for a spell boy."

Maybe that's the reason why I came up with that rule...


Dang, what's that smell?

Smells like burnt underwear...

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