Monday, September 07, 2009

Labor Day...

You know, Labor Day used to be sponsored by the companies for the employees and their families. Company picnics, games, and fun for the kids.

The bosses would man the grills for the steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers and their wives would set out the fried chicken and all the sides as some of the wives would help out setting up the tables and preparing the drinks for the kids.

These (of course) were the olden days of years past. (we were the kids)

How times have changed...

Our work place of today no longer feels like a second home. It's a job, you are a number (an underpaid overworked number) you are a body, a statistic, a blab, a blob.

Your life, your family, your goals, your dreams, mean nothing. It has become Kings rule again, peons...well it's just too bad for you.

We still get the day off (sometimes). Thank you my King for that one luxury.

The picnic will still be set up, the grills will still be grilling, the sound of laughter and friendship will still fill the air.

The only thing that will be missing is... boss.

Sorry about your luck...

Have a wonderful Labor Day!!!


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