Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pizza, Wings & Onion Rings...

I know I haven't posted any cooking photos lately for your drooling pleasure.

Sorry...It's because of:

Working 12 hour shifts
Ball games
Making up rained out ball games
Yard work
Making up rained out yard work
Making plans
Rescheduling my plans because I had made plans and Fate sticks out the old foot and trips me up
And a list of other things that get in my way when I make plans

What does all this mean?

I haven't cooked much since Labor Day. On the few occasions I have cooked it's been the old standby...chicken. I've just about quit asking Julie what she would like when I say, "Honey, I'm firing up the grill tonight. What would you like?"


So being the good husband that I am, I cook chicken.

I can cook chicken in my sleep I've cooked it so much. Only takes about a hour or four beers, which ever comes first.


I really wanted to cook a brisket that weekend on the new WSM.

But no...

Fate, stuck that big old gigantic ugly foot out there and face first I went...



"Honey I'm at the store and I picked up some chicken for tomorrow."

Thanks honey.

Am I a good husband or what?


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