Friday, July 09, 2010

This & That...

It hasn't been the most productive week off, but, I have got a few things done.

The heat has just made it too hot for me to do much outside. And that's where I need to do the most work. But alas, I will get caught of these days.

Yesterday was pretty much family day. The crew of MacDaddy's Grill went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went and bought a new fridge for the kitchen as that one will replace the one in the garage that is on its last leg.

Then we went bowling and saw the gang at Tusculum Lanes

It's always great to see my girls and all of the fine folks that work and bowl there.

As stated above, we bought a new fridge. These things now a days cost more than a car does...

I mean for that kind of money you would think it would bring your beer to you instead of you having to go get it.

I mean these things has got more gizmo's than I'll ever be able to figure out, but I still have to stock it with beer and then I have to go fetch the beer...

Years ago things were, cooler, bag of ice. You were good to go...

But these days it's do this or do that and you still have to get your own. For that kind of money the fridge should have a built in bartender.

Dang if that ain't an idea...I'll get back to you on that.


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