Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Report...

I fired up the gas Weber yesterday for some bone-in rib eyes, shrimp and mushrooms. Topped off with baked potatoes. Some fine eatin' in these here part of the woods.

I've got some pork steaks to grill (last ones were pan fried) with some green beans and maybe some pan fried yellow squash for this afternoon.

I'm ready to fire up the pit...but that will have to wait until I have time to spend all day with it. The WSM needs to be cleaned as well as the Weber charcoal grills. Both grills need new grates (that I have in the garage) and I'll change them when I clean them.

My grills are not nasty, but you need to give your grill a good washing now and then with a water hose and a grill brush. With me using pecan wood on every cook, it builds up a residue that must be washed off the grill and the grates.

Nobody wants to eat off a nasty grill...


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