Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Report...

I believe I'm going to have to stop cooking with Pecan wood. Flies from surrounding counties drop in for a little taste of heaven.

Hell, I believe flies from other states hop on the upper level wind currents and hitch a ride into my backyard.

They stay camped out and stealth camouflage is used by the scouts on recon...

Uh, Charlie One Niner, do you have a visual of the perimeter?

10-4 Winger-3. Target is in sight, I repeat, target is in sight.

Uh, Charlie One Niner, does the target have a towel in his left back pocket?

Roger Winger-3, confirm towel in the back pocket, left side. He's going to cook sir!!

Roger that Charlie One Niner. Pull back and wait for orders.

Roger Winger-3. I'll take mine medium rare sir.

Copy that One Niner...copy that.


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