Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary...

Happy Anniversary to us.

Julie and myself celebrate and commemorate our 8 years of marriage today. We still love each other just as much today as we did when we first fell in love years ago.

We are best friends, husband and wife, mom and dad and we still enjoy being with one another.

And no...we are not perfect...we have our moments, but we give space to one another, neither one dominates the other and we talk to each other...not at each other.

We discuss and make decisions together and we make a perfect team. Our hearts hold hands as one...and we respect one another.

Happy A-day honey!!!


P.S. Dave (one of my bro-in-law) played Chef lastnight. I'll fill you in on that, on the next post.

Enjoy your day and the game tonight!!!

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