Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day...

The day that guys go all out (or fall flat) to impress their gal. The day of "yes dear" and "pookie bear" and "anything y'all little ole heart desires my love."

Gag me with a spoon already.

Yeah...I know.

A man can get lucky...or screw up big time on this day of days.

You have to wine and dine them by candle light, send flowers, bring candy, be romantic, be a gentleman, and watch your P's and Q's and pay attention to the most minute detail of details.

You have to think quick on your feet, take notes, be ready at a seconds notice to fix any screw up that dares to enter your brain and exit your mouth...

You have to be suave and debonair and daring and dashing and related to Cary Grant or Fred Astaire some how...

Romance and desire, must run hot within your veins...and passion must be the steady beat of the heart she hears when you tell her you love her.

Wow B.D. that was amazing, where did that come from...

Lessons of life Jethro...lessons of life.

Enjoy your day!!!

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