Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simply Tuesday...

I finally got to cook the steaks for Julie's birthday. (three days later)

And I have actually gotten a few things done around the house. Although I am far from finishing my To-Do list, I did make some headway on it. As the old saying goes-Steady as she goes boys.

We're meeting the girls tonight for what has become our annual Christmas Throw Down. We eat, we talk, we enjoy a few cold libations and we all enjoy good company and friendship.

By Wednesday afternoon, rain will be moving again. It's not cold enough for snow (sorry my sweets) but they say we will get some heavy rains Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I might be able to cook again by the weekend.

My Black Bear is at the car wash for her Holiday bath so she'll smell nice and pretty for Christmas. (If she can't eat it, she'll roll in it) That dog is all about smell. Some good, some not so good...


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