Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decade in review:

From the worry of Y2K and the end of the world as we know it...until today.

Wow, that was a fast 10 years.

2010 will begin at midnight...and a new beginning will arise out of the ashes like the Phoenix reborn. What will the future hold for us? I haven't a clue...But hopefully it will be brighter.

In the decade past: A lot of things happened in my life in that short amount of time.

I was single again after 15 years of marriage
Had just barely survived the 80's recession
The 90's slowdown
The 2000 recession
The auto industry had been in turmoil again (3rd time by my count)
Lost touch with old friends
I was still trying to recover from the death of my father
I was drinking too much to try and kill the pain
My son blamed me for everything, my daughter still loved me
I almost went insane...for the second time
I met an angel that pulled me out of the ditch
I changed my life and my attitude, I cleansed my soul of pain
I looked at life differently
I met Julie, I fell in love and I married my soul mate
Moved out of the apartment and bought our first house
Was very happy
Made new friends
Robyn was born
Sold first house and bought second house
Really focused on and developed my cooking skills
Learned to cook real barbecue
Did 2 years in Memphis in May
I left after politics got in the way, I don't play games in cooking
Butt kissing never suited me
Work was headed into uncharted territory and took me with it
Company changed hands 3 times and we became slaves to the kings
Worked related stress has taken its toll
My bowling has really suffered the last 3 years
Lost money in the stock market just like everybody else
Lost my faith in humanity
Lost myself for awhile, but regained my footing in the realm of things
Lost a friend

Who knows what the New Year of 2010 will bring. All I know is I've made it through another year with the love of my wife Julie and our daughter Robyn. My son has lost the chip on his shoulder towards me and we are getting along fine. My oldest daughter is doing well in her life as well.

In these years I've made new friends from New York, Brooklyn, Texas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Australia, Colorado and many other fine places from around the world.

What will 2010 bring?

I don't know...but let's stand beside one another, open our eyes and find out together...

Happy New Year!!!


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