Saturday, April 03, 2010

Simply Saturday...

I got a few things done yesterday. I got my truck bed sprayed at Line-X and it looks great. Second, I put the Weber E310 gas grill together that has sat in the box in the garage since last Sept.

My Holland grill is shot after 7 1/2 years of constant service. My Charbroil gas grill will disappear as well. The Weber E310 will take over...

This will leave me with one gas grill, two Weber charcoal grills, the WSM charcoal smoker and the Smokey Mountain gas smoker. And of course the pit...

Why do I have so many cooking toys?

The gas grill will always stay at home. The charcoal grills and smoker are for home use or competition (if I ever get to do that again) the Smokey Mountain gas smoker is for home use when I don't feel like fooling with charcoal. And the pit, which is an offset charcoal-fired firebox is for big, big cooks.

Those kind of cooks that take all day, meaning I've got all of my chores caught up and I can play pit master all day.

And so...I get geared up to burn off the oil and maybe do something with the new gas grill today and low and behold...

It's I look at it like this. At least, it's not still in the box sitting on the garage floor. It's still sitting in the garage...but not in the box...on the floor.

That's one small step for me and one giant leap for getting a frigging huge box out of the garage. Next time I'll just buy one already put together and save myself the problem and hassle.

You know, people use to take pride in saying: Yeah, I put that together all by myself. Took me awhile but there it is.

I'm included in that group...

I've lost count of how many things (big and small) I've put together from a box that has 14 different label types of screws and bolts.

So many of type A, type B, type C, type D, type AA, type BB and so on. And there are pictures so there will be no mistake what-so-ever. really amazes me that no matter how much type A and type AA look alike, they won't intertwine and you figure out the instructions are wrong and you should be using type YY and you can't find them because you haven't bothered to dig into the box that far yet because you're supposed to be on page 1-not page 5 and you figure out that page 5 is really step one before you even get to page 1 and you tell your wife if I ever buy anything else I have to put together just shoot me and you finally get it put together 4 hours later and you say not bad for a white boy and you proudly show it to your wife and say look at what I did and she asks did you have any spare parts left over and I said not a one which meant I did something right in this little endeavor of a manual that had weird instructions and making this hillbilly say why the hell did I buy one in a frigging box that has taken up space and time when next time I'll buy one already put together or I'll shoot me myself for letting a thought enter my head of saying hey I can put that together no problem.

Was it hard to put together? was a piece of cake.


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