Saturday, April 10, 2010

This & That...

A little cool this morning but we get back into spring like weather this weekend and next week.

Most of the time, we don't get to enjoy the 70's, we go from 30's to 60's to 80's to muggy and miserable. We rarely get to enjoy a few days of mild 70's weather.

But for the next few days that's what we get...

I'm headed out to try and get some yard work done.

Work has already said: 12 hour shifts next week. we go again. Hire people, run a third shift instead of trying to work two shifts to death.


I won't get into detail about the Kings of Stupid.

I've been down that road a few times. But here we are, working like sled dogs during the week and busting our rumps on the weekends to get things done around our homes.

We're out cutting grass...they are out playing golf. We have to give up plans during the week working 12 hours...they are at home, not cutting grass, watching golf on TV.

There is something wrong with this picture...


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