Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simply Tuesday...

I got an order for 2 gallons of BBQ sauce from one guy.

I'm like Holy Mother of...

Hey, when you got some good stuff...why complain. I'm feeling better and after an order of 2 gallons of BBQ sauce from one person...my wallet's feeling better too.

The sauce has really taken off. Last year I probably made and sold 15 gallons of sauce. I've got many people that order a gallon at a time, some order a quart and some a pint.

My thing is consistency...

Julie says I'm anal about it when I make it. Well, anal sells my stuff because people want it and anal is not bad when you have to be consistent.

Sex sells...and so does a damn good recipe for some damn good BBQ sauce.

Who am I to complain about that?


1 comment:

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

How much? I need some good BBQ sauce in NYC