Saturday, April 24, 2010

This & That...

Rained this morning, but all is quiet right now. We are supposed to get some very rough weather today and by looking at radar it's on the way.

Maybe they will get the Music City Marathon over and done with before it gets here. Strong storms and possible tornados.

This should be a fun day...

We need rain. The trees all bloomed out at the same time and pollen is on everything.

Red Wasps are everywhere and flies are making their return.


We kill a fly down here and ten more will come to the funeral. And they know how to piss you off better than anybody...

They know when you're about to cook outside (they have scouts and spies) and if you try and reclaim your territory, oh it's on brother...they get out their little cell phones and get busy dropping a dime for help and bring in some muscle to pester you beyond belief.

...and you're like trying to protect your beer and grill and food and face and ears and arms and...

It's a mind game. I've sent so many of them to Hell that I'm now on their Wanted Poster:

White boy
Likes to grill
Drinks beer
Extremely prejudice against the brotherhood of flies

Use extreme caution. Use buzz and run maneuvers: Delta 2BeeAPest and Delta 4FreeBeer

Good luck to us all.

Let's dance...

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