Friday, November 07, 2008

This & That...

Grilled some chicken for my lovely wife last night as she has dropped the hint from time to don't grill much anymore. Well...this is true.

The transition from summer to fall is a pain in my side...when it comes to grilling. Wind gusts, lousy days at work, (the last thing I want to do is fool with a hot grill) and I've just gotten behind on so may things around the house this year...

I'm only one man and can do only so much at a time...

I plan things...then...they get unplanned and pushed around or shuffled back in the mix and before you know it...

You have a 'To Do' list a mile long.

Turn loose of some money B.D. and hire somebody to do it for you.

Are you insane?
Me...turn loose of money to hire out work around the house?

Grass cutting
Landscape trimming
Cleaning out
Hauling off
Yada, yada, yada...

Then on top of that, personal chef and all around nice guy (except for when I'm a grouch and that seems to be about everyday now)

Oh does that to me and you know my feeling on that subject and I have a feeling work won't last much longer.

But, life goes on. Things are bound to get better down the road.

I hope...


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