Friday, November 21, 2008

This & That...

Got a few snow flurries last night, but nothing to amount to anything. Going to be very cold today (for me anyway) high only in the 30's.

Time is flying...

Thanksgiving next week and Christmas right around the corner.

Just like everything else (right now with the economy in the toilet) we have no work. So...I'm off for the next ten days, free to twiddle my thumbs, drink beer and not give a rat's patootie about anything and try not to drive my wife nuts for the next ten days.

My mother-in-law, takes care of the Thanksgiving grub for the family. We get out of her way (unless she asks for help) as she rules the kitchen, so I'm free of the apron on that holiday.

I may try to smoke a turkey breast next week (depending on the weather)

It's supposed to rain Monday and maybe Tuesday, so we'll just see.

I haven't got that far ahead yet...

Enjoy your day!!!


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