Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Report...

Grilled some leg quarters for my lovely wife tonight.

Was going to fire up 'Big Mama' for some ribs, but it never reached the temperature that was called for I 86'd that idea.

I'd like to try some things while I'm off next week, but it just depends on the weather, as it involves outdoor cooking. As most of you know...when it comes to cold weather...that is not my forte...or my favorite time of year.

I am not a polar bear...I don't like cold weather.

My wife loves it...I hate it. The one and only thing we do not agree on. She could (and would) wear shorts if it was 10 degrees outside. Me, I could have on 10 layers of clothes, light a fire under my butt and I would still be cold.

No amount of beer will cure this fact. Have a buzz...still cold.


I'll just play it by ear and get something done next week.

If not...Oh well, there's always next year..


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