Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend Report...

Cold weather is coming (not my favorite time of year) so Julie will be happy about that.

Not me...I'm a bear already. I've got a lot on my plate right now,

The auto industry is damn near on it's knees and about to go belly up, the economy is at a stand still almost, the big wallets on Wall Street have screwed EVERYBODY.

The oil speculators (they drove prices to 147 a barrel and 4 dollars a gallon) have now pissed off the Middle East because they are finally starting to show their greed by cutting production to jack prices back up.

Way to go boys...

Do you idiots not realize what you have done? Your greed and your bosses big fat wallet has damn near ruined the lives of no telling how many low income and middle class people in this country.

People that came right out of high school and went to work...well over thirty years ago!

We worked with our hands to build things, to make a decent living for our family. We saved and planned for retirement, not to live like millionaires but live with dignity in your remaining years and leave something for our kids to start out with.

We ARE The idiot.

But had to become greedy. You...had to fill your wallet with gold and silver while we peasants (and we might as well be called that because that's what we were in mid-evil times) grope for the copper pennies you throw to us as a bone and hope we will go away.


Greed turns to jealousy, jealousy turns to hate, hate turns to greed. It's a vicious cycle...And now you've got the whole world pissed off.

Well played big wallet, well played...

And want our help. Oh, your big wallet friends in government will come running to your aid in your time of dire distress as you point fingers at someone else and cry "it ain't my fault, the peasants did it!"

Yes...shame on us peasants for wanting something...

Well played big wallet, well played...


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