Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Report...

What a week...wet and soggy.

Time to make some chili. Woo-Hoo!

Picture of my chili featured in the Tennessean in 2007

We will have guests staying overnight tonight. So a few brews and some chili for the adults, hot dogs and snacks and movies for the kids.

The grills have been wet all week. So, I guess it's time to retire the grills until next spring and bring out the indoor recipes of the wintertime hibernation period I go through every year.

That means...chili (for one thing)

I'll have to dust off my indoor repertoire of recipes to refresh my culinary skills and memory.

I will experiment in my test lab this winter on some things I have wanted to try...but never got around to it for one reason or another.

But, back to chili. As pictured above, my chili has (OH MY GAWD) beans...

Now...once again, true chili, doesn't contain beans. They are served on the side because it is more about the meat and sauce, than the beans. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes for chili...with...or without...beans.

In true competitions, beans are a no-no.

But MacDaddy's Grill...we are talking about beer belching, butt scratching, good southern redneck, down home chili...with beans.

I like beans in my get over yourself. I mean what's the big deal?

Take has everything in it except the kitchen sink. And why is that?

To feed lots of folks. Way back when...folks had big families and a lot of mouths to feed. So everything you could find went into the pot. Hillbillies had the same reasons, big clans, but about all we had left out of the growing season that could go with the meat and tomatoes was corn and beans.

We kept the corn to feed the hogs and make moonshine. So what was left?

Ding Ding Ding...that's right...beans.

So there you have it...a short history lesson on chili. Hope you learned something.

B.D. you are so full of...


Enjoy your day!!!


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