Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Report...

I'm going to attempt to cook some ribs, wings and turkey legs today. Why do I say attempt? The wind is supposed to "lay the pedal to the metal" and come roaring out of the South anywhere from 15 to 35 mph wind gust.


The temperature will be warm enough, but wind like that, can play hell with your pit temps, but I'll give it a try. Next week, a chance of rain all frigging week...then turn colder than a witch's tooter after that.

Witch's tooter? What is that...?

Dang son...use your noggin, a witch's behind, her butt, her posterior, her junk in her trunk...that tooter.

My neighbor's son wants me to cook some things for him for a graduation party from college next spring. "That's fine brother, (I told him) as long as it ain't winter!"

On another note:

I know I make grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes. I never said I went to I a major professional writer. Julie will come behind me and clean it up sometimes, but most of you (by now) know what I mean...even when I do make mistakes. They will be corrected if I catch them, if not, Julie will catch them or question what I mean by that.

So not to worry...I'm a Southern Hillbilly that's been out of school for more than 30 years and not real highly educated in the art of writing. But even without a PhD... I don't think I do so terribly bad...for a lowly white boy.


Weekend Report...part II.

I made it through the wind today and ate like a King tonight...


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