Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Report...part II

I decided yesterday that I would watch a few games on the boob tube, then build a fire outside, drink some (more) beer and grill some chicken.

Good plan...but... things went south in a hurry...

Got the fire built, started the charcoal, got the chicken ready, sat down to enjoy the fire and a cold beer. So good.

Got ready to put the charcoal in the Weber...splat, splat, splat, a few rain drops "ah it's nothing" I said...

Put the chicken on the started raining harder. Julie brought me an umbrella but that did little good at all. "Bring the patio umbrella out" (I said) we'll set that bad boy up and be fine. Did that...then we heard thunder.

She checked the radar and said it was coming quick.

Then...things went south...

I told Julie to go inside and I would stay out as long as I could. As she went in there was a flash of light in the sky...I knew what would come next...KA-BOOM!!!

I'll ride that one out, could be the only one. Wrong...

Flash of light...KA-BOOM!!!

Damn...that was close.

It is not a good or wise idea to be standing under an umbrella grilling when the sky is being lit up by mega-volts of something that could charbroil you and the chicken in a nanosecond.

So it was time to head for the backdoor and the oven. I was soaking wet and cussing like a sailor...but all turned out well.

The chicken was great and we had a good laugh.

A tale of legend was born on that night.

Hey, you remember on Dec. 20th when Big Daddy went out to grill some chicken and got washed out of his shorts...


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