Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend Report...

Built a fire last night...

Didn't really need it because it was warm, but I grilled some thick cut pork chops and thought it would be nice since I got washed out of my shorts last time I had a fire and the Weber going.

Didn't rain this time. I triple checked every weather report I could pull up!

I had forgotten the "Rule of the 6 P's" last time.


Believe me...that won't happen again.

Now, it might rain and I'm sure that's not the last time I'll get wet, but I won't forget the rules anymore. No Sir...lesson learned on that deal, trust me...

I don't know what's shakin' this weekend...

I do know...that it will be warm today-Woo-Hoo! Windy and rain (thunder storms) sometime between tonight and tomorrow.

It has rained dang near every day I've been off. The first week off, it rained all frigging week! I've had a few nice days, but everything is still soaking wet.

There are some things I would like to get done outside, but it is too muddy.

There's some things I need to do inside, but my shadow never leaves my side (or lets me out of her sight for long) so...that's out. I can't "put" her outside. Why not... you may ask.

Under the deck is a mud hole.

This dog has a routine that will not be detoured by anything or anyone. She HAS to walk the perimeter of the backyard, meaning she starts at one corner of the house following the fence line all the way around the yard coming up on the other corner of the house and going under the deck heading to the point of debarkation where this all began.

Have you ever had a Lab...that doesn't get wet. I have one...

And what happens when a dog with paws as big as a Moose goes four wheeling in the mud? One big mess...

My dog...thinks she's a people and gets rather pissed when she is "put" outside and not let back in as soon as her business is completed. She showed it yesterday...

Mud and all. Ever tried to get mud off a Moose that don't like to get wet???


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