Friday, May 08, 2009

Pizza, Wings, and Onion Rings...


My girls have given me a hard time since I have not posted since the Weekend Report.

They are my most faithful readers.

Life is dull. Work, rain, cutting grass in between rain.

I haven't cooked anything, I'm lucky to get done what I get done...

My wife is getting ill because I have not cooked anything, I'm trying to get yard work done before we go see Goofy in Disney World and life is not being kind to me.

I'm surrounded by idiots at work. They make the Alamo look tame...Mother Nature has PMS.

I'm way behind on yard work, and I can't cook anything because my free time is spent behind a frigging lawnmower.

I don't have time to post...

Simply Tuesday
Wordless Wednesday
Working For The Weekend
This & That
Pizza, Wings, and Onion Rings

I'm lucky to get the Weekend Report done.

Hell...I'm lucky to get anything done.

Life has not been kind to me these last few months.

I only have so many hours in the day and I'm sure you are tired of me bitching about the rain and work. In the winter...I bitch about the cold, in the spring, I bitch about whatever, in the summer I bitch about flies...

I'm bitched out...

Sorry girls...I'll try to do better.

Hey...if I won the lottery...I'd be one happy mama jammy and have plenty to talk about.

Until then...rain, work, idiots, grass...


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