Saturday, May 02, 2009

Weekend Report...

It rained all day and night yesterday. More coming in today...

This line of storms is moving West to East and we are right smack in the middle. Fortunately (for me anyway) I got all of the front yard work, mulching and landscaping done. Still to be done is the backyard landscaping, patio work, and by the time the grass dries out, it will be knee deep again.

One step forward...three steps backward. Twenty years worth of cow poop, can turn the backyard into a jungle, with a little rain and warmer weather.

Twenty years of cow poop?

This use to be farmland with a bunch of bovine crumb crunchers roaming these here hills. (Bovine crumb crunchers is southern for cows.)

It's all about recycling...

They eat grass, they poop grass, they eat and poop some more...before long you have the best fertilizer around. When it warms up and begins to rain, you can hear the grass grow.

It's alive...bwahahahahaha!!!


Anyway, my list is shorter, but once again, I will probably get behind and that will take awhile to overcome. And what's worse is, we are going to Disney World for a week, in a few weeks, and if I don't get ahead of the game, I will be REALLY behind by the the time we get back.

My sister-in-law is going to spend the week here so we don't have to kennel our black bear...maybe I could use my Big Daddy charm and sweet talk her into cutting the grass.

Yeah that's going to happen.

Never underestimate this lowly old white boy and his southern hillbilly charm. I have been known to pull off a few tricks in my time.


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