Saturday, May 09, 2009

Weekend Report...

Take a guess of what's NOT happening today...yes, our ever faithful companion Sister Rain is here. Mr. Sunshine must be on vacation.

Ball game canceled last night. Ball game canceled today. Yard work canceled. (I should be happy about that, but I'm not, Disney is fast approaching and everything that is canceled will pile up and go boom.)

Things will pile up from the backlog of cancellations and come roaring through here in one week like a polecat on a summers breeze.

That should be fun...

I've given up on trying to do any BBQ competitions, cooking or judging. I've also given up on bowling. The first, I just don't have the vacation time to burn and the second has become a pain in my side...much like work.

Love the people...hate the game...

I can't handle the frustration anymore...I've gone from pro-bowler back to sub-Amateur status. I gotten to the point about some things that I really don't give a rats pa-tooter anymore.

Because of work...the mental stress...

I use to take a breath and count to eight and think to myself, what a bunch of dip wads. These days, taking a deep breath and counting to a thousand don't help, thinking, what idiot gave these morons a diploma from the school of MSDS?


Think about it...

Ah, nope, ain't happening.

Clue: Bathroom vapor trail...(I just saw that light bulb go ding!)

BINGO!!! I got ya.

I got off track here...anyway...back to everything piling up. If Sister Rain don't shut her pie hole for the next week so I can get things done I will be seriously behind. Next weeks plate is full already and getting fuller by the minute.

Some times you win...some times you lose...

My win/loss record this year is 0 and 15 right now. This has not been a good year for the home team.


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WhiteTrashBBQ said...


I know how you feel. There's been so much shenanigans happening in the BBQ world up here, it's lost much of its appeal.

I'm still trying to cook, and plan on doing one or two contests this year. Don't give up making your sauces and rubs. They're great!