Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can you say...I don't think so...

This arrived in my email box...

How are you? I'm writing because i want to ask a little favour from you. I need a loan from you urgently today to solve certain problem at hand which has been giving me great worries.

I will reimburse you under a week if given, I also will prefer if we discuss this issue only through email as i am presently at United Kingdom for something urgent, sorry if i didn't tell you, but please try to understand.

I lost my luggage at the airport. This is difficult for me to contact a person, which is the reason why i’m writing this e-mail to you. Presently I’m at the embassy, and i have no contact phone number you can reach me on, this is the only means their aiding me.

Regarding the loan, all i need from you is $1200; you can send it directly to me via Western Union Money Transfer.

Here is the information you will need according to the Western Union Money Transfer personnel.

Name: Tim Owings, City: North Finchley, Country: London, Test question: In God, Answer: We trust.

A Western Union Money Transfer control number would be given to you from the Western Union Money Transfer outlet kindly get back to me with the details.

However i will appreciate your effort if loaned today and will reimburse you, including transaction charges as soon as i get back next week.

I`ll be waiting, Thanks


Well Tim...

I'm sorry about your luck. It seems to this old country boy you are up what we call here down South...

Up Shits Creek without a paddle.

If you want $1200 dollars from me...sure...I'll give it to you...

But it will cost you $12,000,000 in interest.

Still want to be my friend?


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