Friday, July 17, 2009

This & That...

It's that time again...

To be poked and prodded again by the good doctor. (Yee-Haw)

As you can enthusiasm runneth over...

All he does is bitch at me. "Stop drinking, stop smoking, stop eating this, stop eating that.."

Jeez Doc...just go ahead and shoot me now.

I know I've been rough on my body, I feel the aches and pains every day.

The drugs (way back in the day) the smokes, the beer, the unhealthy (but oh so good) food.

But I've done better...honest.

I haven't done any drugs in over 30 years.

Yes, I still smoke, but not as much. I've gone from the habit of three packs of smokes a day (years ago) to less than a pack a day.

Yes, I still drink.

Not because I'm alcoholic but because I like the taste of beer. I have been known to down a quantity of the libation from time to time.

But never falling over drunk...although...I have been three sheets in the wind a few times.

And yes, I don't eat healthy.

Too many years of eating poor mans steak (bologna), greasy grilled cheese, greasy bacon and eggs, greasy sausage, greasy hamburgers, greasy meatloaf, fatty red meat, greasy fried plumbing is stopping up.

I take high blood pressure medicine and have to have my heart checked from time to time.

But I'm doing better Doc...honest.

If cutting this lawn with a push mower don't kill me, nothing will...


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