Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Report...

I was supposed to be laid off last week, but that didn't happen. Management kept saying:

You will be laid off the week of August 17-you can bank on that!

This was said everyday to us for two months...

So everybody (including myself) made plans for that week. I told myself:

Self, we can get a lot done that week and get caught up again.

But no...

Plans never work out. The Thursday before that weekend, they came back and said:

Oops...our bad...we need to work that week...and oh by the way...we're working 12 hour shifts. Sorry...have a nice day.

Now, you probably know where this is going so I'll stop here...but there were many (and I mean many) unhappy campers that put the brakes on and changed plans (Again) for the umpteenth time this year, myself included.

Now I'm not going to rant about these incompetent, egotistical, moronic, idiots that aren't even qualified enough to change out a roll of toilet paper much less run a company.

What would be the point?

They would still be there, playing golf, making their over inflated salaries, pointing fingers, saying:

Oops...we screwed up again! Can you, a poor down trodden stupid high school educated hillbilly stay and give up your plans and life and family and dig us out of this hole that we so stupidly put ourselves into yet once again?

Ah, the words of scholars and fools...


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